If I were a day...

Posted: Thursday, February 19, 2009 | Posted by Albertus Prawata | Labels:

If I were a day, i'd choose yesterday.
The day, where i could spend the whole day just to stare your eyes, and search for the light of your soul.
The day, where no words from my mouth came out to tell you how special you are to my heart.
And even so, you would understand and play along.
So now you know how much it means to me yesterday.
Tomorrow you would be gone, but i would be any day to greet you good morning and good night.
And today is just starting, and it is the day that i want to embrace you all day long and just letting my heart touches yours, thanking you for yesterday, today and wishing you well for tomorrow.
And when today is just about to end, i would hold your hand, kiss your forehead and cheeks, thanking you for hearing my heart out.
I would kiss you on your lip, for the passion that shall be remembered till the day ends.
So now you know, my heart has spoken and now i also know that i don't want today to be over... so soon.


  1. lola said...
  2. nice..

  3. Albertus Prawata said...
  4. thank you for dropping by..=)