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It was Saturday afternoon.
You, yes you.

I’m embarrassed to admit this. I’m missing you. I have been missing you so much. It was ages since we talked on that day, a very tired working day evening. Your voice, on the other end of the line, was cheerful somehow. It’s like listening to the ocean's waves cruising into the sand, powerful but yet so gentle and relaxing. Yes it’s you, my afternoon wave. I miss your bubbles and giggles, my reliever.

I was on the car,
On my way home from an unusual Saturday presentation.

I’m thinking lots of things that have been going on. For sure, I’m thinking of you. Thousand times you have come across, especially during the silence ride back home from the office on the terrible traffic. They were flashbacks mostly. I remembered our moments, silly moments during our ride back home. How about that incident when you were about to cross that street? I still had a good hard laugh remembering that.

Ipod was on the shuffle mode.
The playlist was good, it was rather too good.

Anyway, how are you? I’m good.
Or at least that what I want to be.
I miss your Sunday morning messages, my energy booster on my lazy Sunday.
I remembered the day when we had the conversation about how I missed you so much, just like now. And how you reacted to it, which was like receiving a nice pat on the back when I just scored the three points on a basketball game. A Big smile. A very big smile.

I’m missing you that for sure.
Would you pick up that phone and speak nothing to me?
Let me hear yours speak right to my heart.
Hold me near and let the crowd drown.
All I want is your smile saying that you’ll never leave me.

I know you’ll always be there for me, right?
All I want is your smile saying that you’ll never leave me.

Yes, right now, your big warm hug will save me.
I guess.

I hope this note will find you, somehow.

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