Thank you, I hate you, I’m sorry.

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It was Sunday afternoon, feeling bored and unlucky. There I was, at a bookstore. I found a book called other people’s love letter. I browsed through the pages quickly, and I stopped to a simple one-page letter with the title; Thank you, I hate you, I’m sorry.
Smirked, yes this would be a perfect letter for me. Did you write it? I asked the empty soul, fascinated by the possibility.

It’s written,
Thank you,
… And maybe you even share the belief that our paths will join us together again, and for always.

I did say that to you. The world it’s too small to be our playground, even though you’ve already won our games of hide and seek.

I hate you,
… For not wanting it hard enough.
That you don’t even cry.

I hated (miss) you even more.
Why couldn’t you see me?
I wanted it till it bleeds, and still, it hardly stops now.
I cried out loud, you just simply didn’t want to see it.
And for that I am thanking you.

I’m sorry,
I didn’t wait until you were ready.

I’m sorry that I believed you so much.
Let all the matters went flow naturally, so they could have spaces to breathe while you were away.
I took your advice.
It’s enough to make me wait and eventually cried.
And for that, I hate you.

Source: other people’s love letter

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  1. Anonymous said...
  2. Hiks...sedih bangets ber.

  3. Albertus Prawata said...
  4. proses...kaya roda berputar aja...he3.