I’m just no one

Posted: Monday, October 12, 2009 | Posted by Albertus Prawata | Labels:

I’m no one.
Just an ordinary human being like you.
I’m a user of this spacious space.
Let me introduce myself, I’m just no one.

The day when I admire the ordering of spaces and forms.
Land, air and sky are your resting place.
My air of freedom is being hugged,
astonished by your presence.

So let me click the shutter,
and it will remain forever.
Until the man with the uniform came and said NO.
The beauty is ruined in a polite way.

So here we are, live in the world of comedy.
No is a yes sometimes,
laughing to the system of fools
Stupidity is a word I hear, and I’m using it to you now.

And all I can do is just singing.
Try not to be like everyone else on their BMW’s.
With the brain like a garbage bin.
So, I put on a hat, like the man with a round hat.

Are you guys ready, here's the chorus and it goes,
Oohhh hahh laa…laa…laa…

To the fucked system in this fucked world, and sadly it's somewhere I called home.