The new Situ Gintung (our version)

Posted: Wednesday, January 20, 2010 | Posted by Albertus Prawata | Labels: ,

Situ Gintung design competition:

Situ Gintung (Lake Gintung) was an artificial lake near to the town of Cirendeu in Tangerang District, Indonesia. It was formed by a dam up to 16 metres (52 ft) high which was built by Dutch colonial authorities in 1933. The dam failed on 27 March 2009, draining the lake, with resulting floods killing at least 100 people. (Wikipedia).

Our design concept is to create a new integrated open space and make the new planning as the activities generator for the surrounding area. Part of the planning would also involve the design of the Situ Center and the monument as a memory of the loss more than 100 lives.

The new planning is based from the dynamic movement of the water, horizontally and vertically. The main circulation of the water drainage from the dam and the pedestrian walk would overlap each other, therefore the new planning would create different experiences through the space.

Team: Ardiansyah Dian, Albertus Prawata, Ambia Kamil, Nina Tarigan