To you, who called me dear

Posted: Sunday, November 7, 2010 | Posted by Albertus Prawata | Labels:

It was you on the stage,
The first time I saw you.

The music blown me away, and I knew somehow that heaven just sent their army. The magical voices brought me to you, so there I was, sending you some questions after questions. Until they were all become one, a greeting for the new born, during the silent night. New numbers also changed, marked a new you, left me with a goodbye. (And that I’m not so sure).

You wrote me a text,
Yes, it was you.

Did you remember that? You invited me to see you, or at least that what I really wanted to do. But I missed it. The grand melodies of the year where you took part went unnoticed. I smiled, at least you remembered.

Finally, I sent you a text,
Yes it was for you, I waited.

You were away but you replied it. We were apart, but walking along the same path, or at least that what I wanted us to be. The coffee shop turned a goodbye into a hello. And from that day on, I just want your smile in any kind of forms, and your hug in any kind of days.

And somehow, I know they'll find a way to reach me...